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Serena Ramzy

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a community fully integrated with Middle Eastern culture, Serena Ramzy started to dance at the age of 8 years old. Encouraged by her two professional dancing sisters, Serena began with ballet and modern dance and of course, the Brazilian Samba. Having learned from her sisters, in 1991 Serena became one of the youngest professional belly dancers in Brazil at the age of fifteen.
In 1996, Serena began collaborating with the world renowned percussionist Hossam Ramzy. Together, they toured over 25 countries to perform and teach. During this time, Serena spearheaded the first national dance performance by women in the history of the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, commissioned by the top authority of the country to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their independence day. Later in 2006, Hossam and Serena founded the Drumzy School of Music and Dance.
In 2004, Serena’s first DVD “Visual Melodies” was released and in 2006 the second “Bedouin Tribal Dance”. In these instructional DVDs, Serena presents the purity of music translation in “Visual Melodies” and the joy of folklore in “Bedouin Tribal Dance”.
Recently, she has founded Serena Ramzy Dance Company in which she is the principal dancer, choreographer and artistic director. They perform regularly all over the UK and have presented a most enchanting show “The Dance Queens of The Nile”, which is a celebration and reverence to the ancient and Golden Era of Egypt.
Serena has performed all around the globe. Her performances vary from classical to traditional folklore to baladi (urbanized folklore) to modern improvised dance to improvised live music by the top professional musicians from Egypt, capturing the hearts and imagination of audiences all over the world.
Currently, Serena resides in the UK countryside and continues to tour the world, performing and teaching reaching audiences and students from the five continents. Serena’s magnificent feel and natural expression of the music has become highly acclaimed as the personification of music translation.

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